Day 10 – 2,758 Miles Away

If you have browsed my equipment list, you’ll have noticed that I’m fully digital with my equipment. I moved 2,758 miles across the country in June 2020 and had to put my Boston Essex upright studio piano in storage (bless temperature control), as I had no idea where I would end up. This ended up being a good decision as I live on the second floor of a house, which has a spiral staircase, so there was no chance it could have found a place here.

That being said, I do miss my traditional piano. As amazing as digital piano are, they’ll never be able to replace the feel of a traditional piano. Sure, the key action and sounds can be replicated as close as possible, but what is lacking is the reverberation you get from the wood that you can actually feel throughout your body, the personality of individual pianos, and more of a custom sound based on decades (or centuries) of use.

My friend cleared out her piano room recently as she has a console piano (larger than a spinnet, but more compact than a studio piano), so it is nice to be able to get back that feeling occasionally.

I’m definitely not knocking my digital piano. I like being able to play whenever I want, at any hour, and not disturb my landlady downstairs (even though she loves to hear me play).

One day, my piano will be returned to me from its comfortable isolation where it will continue to be loved. I just need to find a permanent home. Until then, I’ll just power up the Korg and get my traditional piano fix over at my friend’s house.