Day 100 – Lesson 6 Review

The lesson went great. I exceeded expectations, which is always fun, and even picked up on a couple things my instructor thought he’d catch me on. There are still a couple things to work on, one being consistency in the sixteenth notes in the left-hand in regards to legato and phrasing.

After the third movement was completed and critiqued, he had me try the entire piece. The first movement was shaky since I hadn’t really run through it all week. The second movement was solid, and the final movement was good, with the exception of the things I had to work on.

I’ll continue to work on the more technical aspects of all three movements and try to raise the performance level, speed, and flow for the next lesson.

In addition to the Sonatina, I’ll continue my scale work. I’ve ordered a book on scales (not Hanon), but that won’t arrive before my next lesson, so he’ll just photocopy whatever he wants me to start. He also asked me to bring in a piece I want to learn. I didn’t have any real ideas, but figured out yesterday evening that I want to tackle a Stride piano piece, so a book should be arriving tomorrow. He’ll also get me started on reading lead sheets and exploring harmonies and such.

Finally getting to the good stuff. The Sonatina is good stuff too, don’t get me wrong, but it will be interesting to see what great things can happen when he starts teaching me what he excels at.