Day 12 – Playing with Colors and Code

I always thought it’d be interesting to create something with a keyboard and computer that would allow for specific colors to be displayed when played, but in a live performance setting.

Perhaps applying harmonic coloring by assigning values using a midi interface, and when the notes / chords are played, they’d blend and perhaps show some kind of harmony or dissonance through blending of color. It was something I looked into years ago, but never followed through with because, well, life, kids, etc, and it seemed above my proficiency with technology, but I always did like a challenge.

I’ve also have some code stashed away somewhere for dynamically generating chords. While browsing the internet years ago, I was curious as to how sites that displayed chords worked. Originally, I thought maybe it was just a database with tons of chords, but then realized that was probably really ridiculous (is it?) to assign thousands of variations of chords, so I figured it out mathematically, no database required.

It gave me that ‘AH HA!’ moment as coding is not my strongest area, but to be able to merge programming and music together on a basic level was extremely satisfying.

Perhaps someday I’ll revisit these things, as it’s always nice to have something on the back burner for a rainy day.