Day 15 – “I wish….”

“I wish I would have stuck with piano lessons.”

When conversing with friends who found out I play piano, or hanging out after a performance and chatting with people, I’d hear that phrase from a lot of people.

There’s nothing stopping you from picking up the piano, or any other instrument, at any point in your life but yourself. Yes, it is much easier to be a child with little responsibilities and endless amounts of time to take up a musical instrument. As an adult, we have work, family, and whatever other responsibilities that chip away at our time.

Like anything else, time does need to be set aside to accomplish any tasks, and music is no different. It’s just a matter of are you willing to sacrifice that 30 minutes a day to get started. And if you have the time, do you have the dedication?

I’ve noticed that people, kids and adults, want that instant gratification of being able to do something immediately. I’d love that too, but most things take a good amount of work, and that’s completely acceptable.

For myself, reading challenging music is a puzzle. It’s fun to break down pieces by measure, or less. Figuring out what fingers go where and can I get consistency and accuracy, or do I need to rethink what I had planned out. There shouldn’t be frustration if you’re approaching your instrument / education properly. Yes, there are times that I’d like to play more accurately, or play a run quickly, but that just comes with time. There’s no rush, and it’s not a race.

I wish any of you the best if you decide to take up an instrument at any age. You can do it. Just remember to have fun. That is the most important thing.