Day 17 – Early Christmas Gift

I picked up an early Christmas gift for myself. Well, the only thing for myself.

Joe Hisaishi ‘Ghibli Best Stories’

I recall watching ‘Spirited Away’ for the first time around 2007. I couldn’t find my TV remote, so I just turned it on and ‘Spirited Away’ was playing. The only problem is, that whatever station it was on, didn’t have any commercials, and I couldn’t pull up a ‘guide’ to see what it exactly was.

Throughout the movie, I was glued to my seat, well, as much as I could be since my then 1.5 year old keeping me occupied. The sounds, story, colors and MUSIC were entrancing. Sadly, I didn’t even get to finish it as I did have to parent, so this wonderful movie escaped me and I didn’t find it again until around 2010.

After finally being able to FULLY watch the movie, it quickly became one of my top ‘go-to’ movies, and I’ve shared it with my kids as well. I never did pursue seeking out the music for piano, however.

The first time I was actually introduced to the music was when I had started doing a piano stream on Twitch around 2015 maybe? I had a ‘sight-reading’ stream, and if someone stopped in, found me a link for sheet music, I’d pick it up, print it out, and give it a shot. The first request was for ‘One Summer’s Day’, and that became one of my most favorite pieces to play (and still is).

“One Summer’s Day” – Joe Hisaishi

Joe Hisaishi is a truly wonderful composer, and I’ve continued to explore his music over the years and have been grateful to be accidentally introduced to it. I have started to use his songs to end my daily practice, but haven’t “officially” added it to my daily practice. Some things I just want to keep for myself, off the record, for now. 🙂

A link to ‘Ghibli Best Stories’ on Amazon.