Day 19 – Why Chopin?

Why do I love Chopin so much? Perhaps I enjoy the romantic period of piano more than the rest? Maybe it just sounds good to my ears?

The only explanation I can really come up with is this:

Book of Chopin Waltzes
Book of Chopin Waltzes

This book, still in my possession, was in my mother’s piano bench when I started learning piano. I’d flip through it occasionally and knew that one day I’d be able to play some of the songs within, although I never wanted classical piano lessons (at the time).

This led to listening to Arthur Rubenstein cds, and eventually working my way through other ‘popular classical piano pieces’ books. At one point, I just jumped in and tried tackling these later in my life.

I’ve considered retiring this book, and just purchasing a new copy as it is falling apart, and all those stains and weathered look were not done by me, but I’ve always made sure to take care of it the best I can.

So, I guess in regards to my love for Chopin, I’ll blame my mother.

Thanks Mom! <3