Day 22 – The Groove is Good (sort of)

The groove is good, depending on what you’re playing. Hanging on the backbeat of a jazz or blues piece until the very last possible moment. In the pocket with your trio, quartet, etc.., it’s a great feeling.

And then it’s not when you switch to classical music.

I catch myself occasionally falling into the same tempo for different songs I play. Maybe I’m more relaxed than usual, or have a rare bout of being frantic and just play everything as quickly as possible. Bless the metronome. It gets me out of the groove.

People have a love / hate relationship with the metronome. It highlights your ‘flaws’, or confirms that you are as close to accurate as possible. Tossing in lento and rubato for classical pieces, however, a metronome won’t save you (as far as I know).

I love my metronome. I used to just pick a tempo and turn it on, and let it run for a long time while I played a song in my head. It really does help at times. Even with different genres, the metronome is a great tool to utilize and should be something everyone should experience, even if you end up disliking it.

Long live the groove, sort of.