Day 23 – Pardon Me, Neighbors.

When my landlady is out, I occasionally open the windows, and crank up the volume and just play EVERYTHING rolling around in my head. Classical, blues, rock, etc.

I figure if I have to hear various music and genres being blasted up and down the street by various neighbors, I might as well do the same and ‘share the love’. Of course, I doubt the sound really travels far, but you never know.

At my previous residence, I remember having the windows open during the summer and doing the same thing, but I was on the street level, and could see the street from the reflection on my piano. I did notice that some people stopped and enjoyed the music while walking their dogs. A nice way to give back, I guess, and kept me on my toes to make sure the things I did play were a bit more polished.

To my neighbors, I apologize (not really) for introducing you to something different than what I hear you playing.