Day 25 – White Christmas

Merry Christmas to you folks who celebrate, and Happy Holidays to the rest of you. The snow is due to go away a couple hours from now, but it was nice to have around for just a little bit.

View from my balcony – damn those telephone lines

This is my second winter in New England, and I haven’t experienced a proper New England winter fully as of yet. Perhaps this year?

I’m officially ‘family’ to my 90-year-old landlady downstairs, as so declared the other day when I brought her and her son some fresh baked cornbread muffins. They gifted me a bag of Portuguese breads for Christmas. She listens to me play piano every day and really enjoys it. Which reminds me, I should find out what her favorite songs are and learn them.

No other plans for me, with the exception to calling / texting / emailing my family on the West Coast, and then hanging out with my friend this evening for a bit.

Until then, you can find me sipping my tea and enjoying some biscoito with pumpkin / walnut jam, and some bolos levedos. I’m saving the massa sovada to share with my friend and her daughter.

Ramones – Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want to Fight Tonight)

Whatever you celebrate, have a wonderful rest of the year!

Back to my piano.