Day 26 – Memorizing is Tough

I’ve been working on a Chopin nocturne for 26 days now. I feel like I’ve played it enough to be able to start memorizing it, or at least play some of it from memory. Nope. I can whip up one of his waltzes or a Polonaise by memory, but I’ve known those for years. Why is it so challenging now?

Maybe when I memorized things way back when, I was in college and didn’t have as much responsibility, and maybe more time? Perhaps it has to do with brain elasticity? Or perhaps it’s just because I don’t have to play for a recital or adjudication. I have no idea. So how do I approach this now?

Instead of just sight-reading what I see, I’ve started considering the chord progression of the song. Maybe being extremely analytical has replaced something that was more natural in my younger years. Who knows. I’m patient. Maybe things will improve over the next 26 days.

I’m looking forward to finding out.