Day 29 – In Search Of…

After the New Year, maybe end of January / early February, I’ll be on the hunt for a piano instructor. I’m not too sure of what my options are over here. I’m in the land of ‘Berklee’, yet a bit far from Boston. Sadly, I don’t have the time, energy, money to do a weekly round-trip. I figure, with traffic, I’m looking at a three hour round-trip by car. No thanks.

I figure I’ll just go to some local place, interview a couple of teachers, perform a couple of pieces, and then see if any of them fit, or if they have recommendations on where else I should look. It would be nice to get familiar with some of the music offerings around my current city, as well as support someone in the local community. I’ve had a few teachers, so I know what I’ll be looking for specifically.

It’s not that I’m unsure about what I’m doing, but I would like to take the ‘worry’ out of trying to plan my own practice, and have a third party be able to spot any inefficiencies, help me accelerate my education, and push me.

Goals are good. Almost 9 years, 11 months left.