Day 32 – In 2022…

It’s nice to see that globally, we can all come together in a sense in looking forward and hoping this year will be better than previous ones in all ways. It’s also a good time for self-reflection and self-improvement. Of course, any resolutions or goals should always be evaluated frequently and adjusted as needed to ensure some kind of progress or success.

I’ve my own personal, non-music goals, which I won’t state here as it’s really not the forum for such a discussion. Musically, however:

Read More: Learn more about a composer, the history of pieces that I play, regardless of genre.

Educate More: Continue with online music theory courses to I can learn to utilize it to help with playing, as well as creating.

Create Something: Work on getting over my fear of creating my own pieces. Just do it, write it, record it. Even if it is something simple and silly. It is a start towards something better

Find a Piano Teacher: Find someone to support and push me as a pianist. Make sure everything feels right, and ensure that they won’t be wasting my time or theirs.

Be Thankful and Appreciative: Continue to accept kind words from others and let them know that their input, kind words, and constructive criticism are welcomed and appreciated at all times.

It’s a good start, and that list can be reduced or added to at any time.