Day 33 – A Bit of Music Theory

The last time that studied music theory was when my mother hired a guy (Craig… I think), to give me some private theory lessons. Probably back in 1994? I also, somehow, ended up with a copy of Walter Piston’s ‘Harmony’, in which I may have read about half.

I was playing a lot of jazz at the time, so it was nice to see what Craig (we’ll just use that name) had taught me could be instantly applicable to whatever I was working on.

Since it’s been awhile since 1994, I figured it would be good to get back into studying music theory to help round out my education a bit more. After some researching, I decided to try my hand at ‘Music Theory Comprehensive Complete‘ on Udemy. It’s a 21-part college level music theory course and seems to be a good fit.

I plan on adding this to my daily routine within the next couple of weeks.