Day 4 – 10%

Back in 2016, I used to stream on, playing piano. I noticed that I was starting to have issues with my ring and pinky finger when I was playing. Loss of feeling and dexterity was prohibiting me from playing well. A good friend of mine suggested I go have that issue looked into.

After a couple visits with doctors and specialists, it appears I had Ulnar Nerve Entrapment (cubital tunnel syndrome). It was interesting to experience the diagnosis process. The nerve conduction tests amused me the most. I also watched a surgery of what I’d be in for, which was also quite interesting.

There were a couple different things they could do, based on whatever they’d find when they cut me open. They could either widen the tunnel (cubital tunnel release) so my nerve would travel more freely, or they could move the nerve itself to a new place, Ulnar nerve anterior transposition.

Operation day came, everything went well. When I spoke with the doctor about the surgery, he said that they didn’t do either options. Apparently, I had some extra muscle found only in 10% of the population, that had gotten ‘strong’ enough, to impact my nerve, so they just removed it.

I’m a mutant, or I was, until they removed that muscle.

The healing went well, all feeling was back and I’m grateful to my friend for pushing me to taking care of my health, as well as my mother for being there to help me through the process.