Day 40 – Gift of Knowledge

While my son was driving me around town the other day, we got talking about music. He asked me “Do you think I should go to school for music?”, and I told him no. It wasn’t worth the money to pursue at this time.

He doesn’t have much of a music background, more of just a general interest. Instead, I asked him why and what he was interested in. He explained that he wanted to know more about music and sounds and the ‘how’ of it all. I let him know that while school was an option, he might be better served looking at other resources. For example, Frank Zappa taught himself a lot by going to the library and reading everything he could. Both my son and I love some Frank Zappa, so it was an easy thing to relate to him. I then explained to him that it sounds like he might just be interested in music theory, and it would be a great foundation for him to have.

That being said, I gifted him a couple of online music theory courses to explore, in hopes that he can find that thing he is searching for. Secondary to that, it will give us another thing to bond over as well. It’s a win-win in my book. I will always support any musical endeavors and do what I can to help out.