Day 43 – Odd Job

Was a bit stumped on what to write about today, so my mother suggested that I write a quick post about a seasonal job I had on a holiday train.

People paid for a round-trip ticket to leave from Seattle, WA to Leavenworth, WA to see the Christmas tree lighting. Leavenworth is a Bavarian-styled village located in the Cascade Mountain range in Washington state, and is well-known for Christmas celebrations as well as Oktoberfest.

Somehow, through a karaoke host I was friends with, I landed a job doing portable karaoke on this train. I’d strap on a backpack of gear, and walk up and down the cars getting people to volunteer to sing whatever I had available.

On my downtime, I’d be in the back car hanging out with the magicians and other entertainers, and once we got to Leavenworth, we could either stay on the train to head to a further town and turn around, or go into Leavenworth with the regular folks.

I always opted to go into town. There were many festive shops, people full of cheer, and it was a beautiful area to take a walk for an hour or two. It was a nice escape from the regular grind of daily life, and I appreciated the opportunity and the experience.

Definitely worth all my weekends in December for a couple of years, and when I could get an entire train car to sing a Christmas song, it was nice to share that positivity, hope and joy with everyone just needing a nice escape from life.