Day 5 – ‘The Machine’

Now, I don’t recall what music documentary I watched, however, it was on Netflix back around 2016 and I felt a bit unsettled by comments made by the man in the film.

It was quite clear that this person wasn’t a musician, and perhaps never picked up an instrument. From what I recall, there was a competition, or some sort of public performance, and the man onscreen referred to the piano as ‘the machine’ or ‘a machine’, and said that pianists really know how to make the machine do what they want.

I understand what he is getting at in principle, however, the piano (and other instruments), are extensions of the whomever is performing. I’ve never considered myself and the piano as two separate entities. It honestly baffled me and I watched that section a few times to make sure I was hearing it correctly.

Instruments do have personalities, tones, and react given the energy you put into them. They extend and reflect how you’re feeling, even unintentionally. They also have the ability to heal and console.

If I come across that documentary again, I’ll post an update. Perhaps I perceived something incorrectly back then as well, and it would be something I’d like to revisit.