Day 51 – Need Me Some (Better) Gloves

I live on the second floor of a house, maybe around 850 sq. ft or so of space. It has one heating unit, which doesn’t work all that effectively once it gets below 30 degrees Fahrenheit. I also have a space heater that I bring from the bedroom to the this main room, and it’s just enough to take the chill off most of the time, however, my hands have been pretty cold today which makes it harder to play.

I do have some cheap, fingerless gloves, but they seem to not do the trick enough, so I’ll have to seek something else out. They’ll still have to be fingerless because I need skin contact with the keys, and I don’t need the fabric interfering and causing inaccuracies.

I suppose, for now, I could soak my hands in hot water, dry them, and then toss my gloves on until I find a suitable replacement. Just an additional step added to my daily routine until it warms up.