Day 54 – A Bit of Tutelage

It’s nice to have someone interested in playing piano. My son recently started showing an interest and occasionally texts me with questions, and sometimes he’ll send a video. They are good questions. Basic questions about notes, proper fingering, etc. The most recent video was showing me he knew what the chromatic scale was, and gave me a demonstration on how to play it.

He ALMOST had it correct. The fingering was slightly off, so I replied with a video showing the proper fingering going up the keyboard, and then spoke the fingering to him as I went back down the keyboard.

I’m so glad we have the technology that we do as it makes the learning process a lot easier than just speaking over a phone. You can get the visual and aural instructions and put everything together easier, as well as save it for future reference. It’s nice to be able to give back to others what I’ve learned so many years ago.