Day 55 – Good Energy

My keyboard sits along the wall of my very small ‘main’ room, so I definitely have a ‘lived-in’ space in which everything kind of merges together. Along with my keyboard, mixer, speakers, I have a desk with my computer, in which my laptop also sits. Next to that is the heating element and across from that is the very small couch. It’s pretty much rectangular layout.

That being said, this place can quickly fill with clutter. The desk full of paperwork, even a ‘catch-all’ space to the left of my mixer because there is unclaimed surface area. The couch usually has my jacket or clothes or something else on it. When it’s not winter time, the TV sets on top of the heating element, but since it is the winter time, it is in front of the heating element, atop my piano bench. This place can be quite crowded with ‘life’.

I finally got around to cleaning up the main room and it looks great. It feels really good to sit down at the keyboard and feel the openness around me. It is good energy. It is very conducive to focusing. I can now figure out how to decorate this small space as well so it doesn’t look so bland, in which I will then feel more comfortable making videos. Perhaps I’ll post a picture at some point.

A good space is a clean space, unless you’re down with controlled chaos. Don’t go in my kitchen. Good energy is important, and make sure you do away with anything not needed so you can get the most out of your time when playing.