Day 56 – A Bit Worn Out

Today was a bit of a challenge. I couldn’t get my brain to engage in any proper way to feel like I was successful. During my lunch hour, I did go out for a 45 minute walk in the cold to just get away from technology for a bit. That still didn’t help when it came to sitting at the piano.

I wasn’t really distracted by anything in general, but just a bit worn out. Despite every effort to remain focused, I didn’t feel like I was successful with today’s practicing. And that’s ok. I do need to allow myself some downtime and accepting that I’ll not be at 100% every single time I play. I do this for me, and I do this for fun, and that’s the most important thing. Continue to love music for what I want to make of it. It is not a job. It’s something I love and it will remain that way.