Day 7 – The One That Got Away

Back in the day, some years ago, I had a period of time where finances were a huge issue. Bankruptcy was filed, funds were low, but one of the bright moments was that I had purchased tickets to see Valentina Lisitsa perform.

Valentina Lisitsa – Beethoven “Moonlight” Sonata, III “Presto Agitato”

I had first found her randomly on YouTube while looking for Chopin performances and just sat in awe, and probably spent a day or two going through videos I had found. Phrasing, technique, personality. It was fun to sift through it all.

It was great to see her cover a variety of composers, and it was also good to see that she has fun outside of the ‘professional’ performance space.

Valentina Lisitsa playing piano while waiting for a train

So the day of the performance came. I had my slacks and dress shirt ironed and ready to go. After I was all made up and ready to leave, I glanced at the tickets and saw that I had missed the performance. It was a matinee showing, and I completely misread the time, thinking it was in the evening. I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the concert in person, or stay afterwards to meet her, get an autograph and just say ‘Thank you’. Totally heartbroken.

She was the one that got away. At least there is still YouTube and her recordings from various outlets for purchase. I definitely won’t miss my chance next time.