Day 72 – Mann Tracht, Un Gott Lacht

Well, the day didn’t pan out like I was expecting. Not that it was a bad day, but I didn’t get done what I wanted to for the most part. I got a late start on my morning, and added a couple of things to my ‘going out’ list to help out a friend of mine. I also added a walk on the beach since it was a somewhat nice day.

I went to the market, and it was extremely busy, but I got what I needed for soup. I didn’t get the stuff needed for the bahn mi bread as they didn’t have some particular ingredients, so I will try a different store at some point. Moving from the West Coast to this area, it’s harder to find Asian markets. There’s one in town that might be Cambodian and have some stuff I need. Haven’t decided if I’ll check that out before / after piano lessons tomorrow.

It was a good day, just not what I expected, and I’m okay with that.