Day 73 – A Fresh Start

I had my first piano lesson today. It was mainly an assessment of my skills in terms of just playing whatever I wanted off the top of my head. We also discussed our own backgrounds. He was able to give me some good pointers in terms of how I currently play and small tweaks on how to improve quickly.

My left hand plays a bit heavier than the right, and although they are basically played the same, the ear picks up the lower tones more so it overpowers the right. I have been aware of that myself periodically, but had done nothing to really resolve that. Now, I’ll get started on fixing that.

He had me read some lead sheets, and I tried my hand at ‘Autumn Leaves’. There were a couple of chords I misread, mainly due to being out of practice as I haven’t read a lead sheet in probably 26 years. We also quickly discussed the key that it was in, which was E minor. I had not considered the key. I did see that it had one sharp, which I know would be G Major as well, but I wasn’t really considering ‘this is in G major’. I just played whatever was on the page.

That got us to discussing minor scales. Natural, melodic and harmonic. It was a good refresh for myself. Dusting off the cobwebs in the dark recesses of my brain.

There’s not a particular direction I want to go, so I told him I’d just leave it up to him to figure it out as I am open to learning anything and everything. So it looks like, as of now, we’ll focus on some scale work, studying lead sheets, and helping my train my ear and work on my improvisation skills.

Due for next Friday, 5 major scales and then the respective minor scales, two octaves. Piece of cake. I wish it was next Friday already.

I’ll also start posting my weekly assignments in the ‘Weekly Practice‘ section should anyone be interested in checking it out.