Day 76 – I am the Tortoise

It’s always tempting to jump ahead. For instance, my assignment for the week is technically just 5 scales (well, 15 if you want to be REALLY technical). I am exactly where I need to be for Friday’s upcoming lesson, and I COULD get ahead, but should I?

It’s easy for the mind to get bored, having grasped a concept but required to stay focused and not go further. For scale work, I fall into the ‘hey, I’ve mastered this, let’s move on’ type of mentality. In my younger years, I might have been eager to do so, but over the last year, I’m ok with not ‘getting ahead’. Everything will come in the appropriate time.

I’m content to repeat my assigned scales all week long, however, I do switch up the rhythm, speed, or even accents within the scales to give my brain something ‘new’ to work on while reviewing the material. It really does help cement concepts, and create that muscle memory that will stick with me the rest of my life.