Day 79 – Self-reflection

I keep running the through the evaluation I had last week for my first lesson and realized that was probably the first time I was not nervous whatsoever in that type of introductory settings. Maybe years have passed and I’m just too chill. Perhaps I am comfortable with myself and where I’m at with my playing, but knowing where I think I need improvement, along with the desire to really focus. Who knows, but it has just stuck with me all week, and I’m curious as how that will translate into tomorrow’s lesson.

I’ve always been very humble piano player. Probably too much for my own damn good, but I’ve seen so many people with ego problems that I made a promise to myself to always keep myself in check. This doesn’t mean I’m not competitive, but that I understand that there will always be someone better than me out there, and my ultimate goal is to improve myself and not to compete with anyone else. I like where I’m at, who I am and my approach to continuing to study the one thing I’ve had with me for 2/3rds of my life.