Day 80 – 20 Days Left

I’m really surprised that I’ve made it this far in the ‘100 days of blogging’. The process has definitely gotten easier. I think the most interesting thing, for me, is that I feel that I really do nothing of interest. I’m a very routine person. I get up, work, play piano, work some more, hang out in the evening, go to bed. Of course the occasional trip to the store or the beach, etc, but for the most part, it is the same thing every single day. Being able to write about random music stuff in my life has been fun for revisiting the past, and probably something I would have never discussed as I don’t really speak about music stuffs unless the kids ask.

I’m generally a very quiet person, but I’ve made attempts to get to know more people, or at least read more about people and get to know them through writing, and it has been a very amusing experience, and one that I’m glad I took a chance on.

Next post will be on the second piano lesson.