Day 81 – 2nd lesson review

I had my second piano lesson on Friday. 30 minutes is definitely not enough time. Both my instructor and I feel quite rushed. A lot to say, little time to do so.

He assigned some Sonatina (composer escapes me right now, but I’ll have the information posted in my weekly lessons soon) as he would like to work on a lot of technical skills before jumping in to improvisation and other things.

I’m in complete agreement with this. Getting the fine details down not only in terms of a piece, but just honing the ability to apply it anywhere really separates the good players and the great players. He’s only assigned about 16 measures, but said I can work past that if I’d like, in addition to my daily scale practices. Shouldn’t be a difficult task to accomplish. I can already hear an improvement in the Sonatina since Friday.

In terms of goals, I just want to achieve steady improvement, which I’m doing. I don’t plan on setting any seriously lofty goals until I get more of a solid foundation and he and I discuss what kind of potential I have. Next Friday can’t come soon enough.