Day 85 – G Major Scale (pain in my… hand)

Practicing went well today. I believe I initially started off at around 80bpm on this Sonatina, and have got it up to 120bpm, which is just the start of ‘Allegro’ in terms of meter. It is much easier to go quicker with this piece, however, I do slow it down to work trouble sections when it arises.

There’s a run of a G major scale that is pretty solid, except for on the way back down where I stumble due to a bit of weakness in the right hand. It’s only this scale that is hanging me up though as the C major runs are really simple, so it has to be that crossover on the F#.

Regardless of speed, I do notice that my scale work is still not fluid, but this is just the very beginning of lessons, so it is not surprising. Am I where I want to be? No. Never. Am I happy with my progress? Absolutely.

One more day of solid practice and then on Friday I’ll do a bit of warming up before my lesson.