Day 87 – Lesson 3 Complete

I had a great lesson today, completely exceeding my instructor’s expectations. The critique was explained very well and I took notes on what to work on for next week. I’ve also been assigned the second part of the Sonatina and part of the third, and like last week, should just do as much as I can. We also covered the form and structure along with some music history.

We both spoke on how 30-minute lessons weren’t enough, and with how advanced I am, we’re going to start doing 45-minute lessons so we have more time to really dive into the nuances of whatever pieces I’m working on.

He also mentioned that I have a natural ability to approach pieces in a particular way as well as ideas on how to set my own tempo of a piece (hint: took the 16th note runs and played a short bit to establish how fast I could do it, and set the tempo based on that).

As always, looking forward to next week’s lesson. It’s really odd to think I’ll have already been doing this for a month as of next Friday. Time really does fly, and it feels like I don’t have enough time to practice since I’m really enjoying myself.

I’ve already learned so much in the 90 minutes of lessons. I can’t wait to see where I’m at in a year.