Day 9 – You May Control the Horizontal & the Vertical…

… but I (and other musicians) control the time, or at least the perception of time. Other mediums such as film and literature can as well.

A four-minute piece of music could feel longer or shorter based on the amount of notes, rhythms, or what someone chooses to do with phrasing, or how they utilize silence, rubato, accelerando, ritardando, etc… we have a large variety tools at our disposal.

We can give you a dose of nostalgia and bring you back to a certain point in your life, or throw you into the future with something unheard of utilizing any technology available to us.

I would grossly underestimate that hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent researching time, time travel, etc., when those of us who are creatives already have that ability. Whether it be a weathered, out-of-tune piano, or a $25 beat up guitar from a pawn shop, we have more power than you realize and can take you anywhere you might want to go.