Day 91 – Thoughts Before Lesson 4

Wrapped up the week of my practice before lessons. Figured I could just review my thoughts and tackle another blog post at the same time.

Scales: Haven’t learned anything new since the first week, but I use them for warm up, and they are accurate and I can play them at a decent speed.

Sonatina: This last week was focusing more on dynamics and technical aspects of the first allegro section, as well as trying the andante section. I feel like I’ve accomplished what was assigned. The scale / run sections could always use more work and consistency. Perhaps another couple weeks on that (or less). The andante section went really well. I might have more dynamics to consider, but the fingering and the pacing are there.

It honestly doesn’t feel like it has been 1 month since I’ve started up piano lessons again. It has gone by so fast and has had an immediate impact on my playing, confidence, and overall well-being.