Day 92 – Lesson 4 Review

Things went great. Exceeded expectations, and really nailed everything in regards to the technical portions of movement one and two.

Before we jumped into the lesson, he went over some stretches that we’ll do before the lesson actually begins from now on, just to keep things loose. He said that he usually does this every thirty minutes if he plays longer than that as well. It’s nice to be that considerate and concerned and ensuring the best hand / wrist / arm health as possible.

My runs were better on movement one. Still not exact, but he wasn’t going to hold back the progress due to that. I’ll just continue working on it every day, as well as doing a few exercises on the keys to strengthen my third and fourth finger of the right hand.

The second movement went really well. There were a couple technical things to go over, mainly dynamics and ensuring the tentuto markings were followed properly. After a couple run throughs, it was good enough to move on.

We then talked a bit about improvisation and he gave me an exercise to try after he demonstrated it. He feels that everyone should learn how to improvise as it just helps the overall music experience and developing a more musical ear, regardless of what genre you focus on.

That was the end of the lesson. He assigned me the final movement and said to just work it as best I can. Can’t wait until next Friday. I’m really curious to see what we’ll be covering after this Sonatina is complete.