Day 94 – Technical Issues

If you’ve ever performed live, chances are you’ve run into some kind of technical issue with your instrument or equipments. I recall playing piano (digital piano) for a community theater production of ‘Annie Get Your Gun’, and during the performance, D3 (D above middle C), somehow that particular key became doubled in volume, no matter how lightly it was pressed. Cast gave me a look like “what’s going on?”, and the director gave me the eye as well. I just kept going, and making sure I skipped that particular key (which was more challenging that I thought). We made it through the show, and had to do it again the next night, unable to replace the equipment, and at least we wouldn’t be surprised a second night.

So this reminded me of what people might do during some kind of technical issue, and I recalled the following clip where the performer had an issue with the actual piano. She did such an amazing job and really gave the crowd quite the performance. Very professional, very fun.