Day 96 – Lesson 5 Review

Again, the lesson time seemed extremely short, even though we had a 45-minute session. He had me go over the second movement of the Sonatina to ensure that I recalled what we discussed last week.

We then moved on to the third movement, which I was extremely excited for since I’d worked all week to try and get as much completed as possible. I got through the first page then stopped when I stumbled on a run, and we discussed everything prior to that.

Everything seemed to go well. I was following dynamics and the speed was at performance level, everything I was really trying to make sure I had practiced. And then, we got to the phrasing of one particular section. I missed the phrasing in the left hand, and didn’t see the slur that connected the last 16th note to the first 16th note of the next measure, and it’s like that through the whole piece. We went over it and I tried to play it slow and finally got the hang of how it is supposed to sound, but then I added my right-hand, which has completely different phrasing, and it was comical trying to put the two together.

We were running out of time so I played other sections pretty quick and it looks like I have to work on phrasing for another part, and dynamics for the end section.

It’s going to be a VERY amusing week for me to just focus on phrasing. He said that we may be doing this for another couple weeks at the most before we move on. It’s a great challenge, it’s comical trying to get my brain and hands to do something that’s not standard.