Lesson 11 Review

The lesson went really well. I met whatever criteria my instructor had in mind, which was less than what I’d put upon myself, but we were both satisfied with the output of work.

I played “Numb Fumblin'” and we talked about a couple of things to work on for next week. We then started discussing lead sheets and what song to start working on. I let him take the reins on that as I’m just happy to be exposed to whatever.

He played ‘Blue Bossa’ for me and we decided to move forward with that.

Joe Henderson – Blue Bossa

We’ll be approaching my training to prepare for not only playing in a group, but as a solo pianist. Pretty exciting.

Before we could get too involved, I ended up asking what I should start listening to in terms of Jazz in general. He gave me the following listening assignment:

Miles Davis – Kind of Blue

John Coltrane – A Love Supreme

Robert Glasper Experiment – ArtScience

Definitely a lot of stuff to dive into.

I think next week we’ll be going over the ‘Butterfly Runs’ of “Numb Fumblin'”, and then diving more into Blue Bossa and an introductions to modes and beginning comping.