Daily Updates

Piano practice logs, inspiration, musings and more.

Day 6 – Different Ways of Practicing

Over the years, I’ve learned that I don’t need to physically be at a piano to be able to practice. I mean, I prefer practice at a piano, but there are some times when that’s just not possible.

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Day 5 – ‘The Machine’

Now, I don’t recall what music documentary I watched, however, it was on Netflix back around 2016 and I felt a bit unsettled by comments made by the man in the film.

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Day 4 – 10%

Back in 2016, I used to stream on Twitch.com, playing piano. I noticed that I was starting to have issues with my ring and pinky finger when I was playing. Loss of feeling and dexterity was prohibiting me from playing well. A good friend of mine suggested I go have that issue looked into.

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Day 3 – Work Ethic as a Musician

I play music alone these days.

I don’t think I’ve played in an actual group since around 2013. The last group I was with was a standard bar band. The lead vocalist / guitarist was that stereotypical mentality we all hear about, but at least he was smart enough to hire a vocalist, however, she didn’t last long. Practices were terrible and just focused on him.

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Day 2 – Sight-reading & playing by ear

I consider myself quite lucky to have the ability to sight-read sheet music. I’m not sure exactly when that kicked in, but it is what has landed me occasional jobs, whether playing for a community choir, musical theater group, or just being asked to record something.

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Day 1 – Welcome


To be honest, I’ve never blogged before, but I’ve been inspired to give it a shot, especially since this project will be 10 years long. Multiple parts of this site will be updated daily, so for those of you with feed notifications, I apologize in advanced.

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