100 Days

Day 10 – 2,758 Miles Away

If you have browsed my equipment list, you’ll have noticed that I’m fully digital with my equipment. I moved 2,758 miles across the country in June 2020 and had to put my Boston Essex upright studio piano in storage (bless temperature control), as I had no idea where I would end up. This ended up being a good decision as I live on the second floor of a house, which has a spiral staircase, so there was no chance it could have found a place here.

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Day 9 – You May Control the Horizontal & the Vertical…

… but I (and other musicians) control the time, or at least the perception of time. Other mediums such as film and literature can as well.

A four-minute piece of music could feel longer or shorter based on the amount of notes, rhythms, or what someone chooses to do with phrasing, or how they utilize silence, rubato, accelerando, ritardando, etc… we have a large variety tools at our disposal.

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Day 6 – Different Ways of Practicing

Over the years, I’ve learned that I don’t need to physically be at a piano to be able to practice. I mean, I prefer practice at a piano, but there are some times when that’s just not possible.

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Day 5 – ‘The Machine’

Now, I don’t recall what music documentary I watched, however, it was on Netflix back around 2016 and I felt a bit unsettled by comments made by the man in the film.

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Day 4 – 10%

Back in 2016, I used to stream on Twitch.com, playing piano. I noticed that I was starting to have issues with my ring and pinky finger when I was playing. Loss of feeling and dexterity was prohibiting me from playing well. A good friend of mine suggested I go have that issue looked into.

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Day 3 – Work Ethic as a Musician

I play music alone these days.

I don’t think I’ve played in an actual group since around 2013. The last group I was with was a standard bar band. The lead vocalist / guitarist was that stereotypical mentality we all hear about, but at least he was smart enough to hire a vocalist, however, she didn’t last long. Practices were terrible and just focused on him.

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Day 2 – Sight-reading & playing by ear

I consider myself quite lucky to have the ability to sight-read sheet music. I’m not sure exactly when that kicked in, but it is what has landed me occasional jobs, whether playing for a community choir, musical theater group, or just being asked to record something.

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Day 1 – Welcome


To be honest, I’ve never blogged before, but I’ve been inspired to give it a shot, especially since this project will be 10 years long. Multiple parts of this site will be updated daily, so for those of you with feed notifications, I apologize in advanced.

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